06/02/2011: The Karmrakvank monastery overlooking Lake Van.
29/01/2009: The Surp Nishan & Surp Anapat monasteries near Sivas.
02/12/2008: Damage to Ani that occured between 2007 and 2008.
21/05/2008: Church and graveyard at Edremit (Artemid), Lake Van.
21/05/2008: 18th-century Armenian church in Gez, near Erzurum.
07/02/2008: March 2007 reopening of Aghtamar's Holy Cross church.
08/10/2007: Damage to Ani that occured between 2006 and 2007.
20/07/2007: The churches in the town of Tomarza, near Kayseri.
25/06/2007: The monastery of Marmashen, near Gyumri, Armenia.
14/01/2007: The Saint Marinos monastery, near Gürpinar, Van.
30/12/2006: Winter in eastern Turkey: a collection of photographs.
05/11/2006: The 9th century church in the town of Shirakawan.
27/09/2006: The fortress of Tignis, to the north of Ani, near Akyaka.
25/09/2006: The early church in the village of Zor, near Igdir.
11/06/2006: The restoration of the church on Aghtamar island.
05/04/2006: Palace church: new material, including 1915 drawings.
23/03/2006: The 7th century cathedral of Mren, 34km south of Ani.
08/01/2006: More pictures added to the Arshak Fetvadjian page.
30/12/2005: A collection of old postcards and photographs of Kars.
15/11/2005: The Surp Amenaprkich church in Gyumri (Alexandropol).
01/11/2005: Stereoscopic photographs of Ani by Aram Vruyr.
01/11/2005: More of Kurkdjian's stereoscopic photographs of Ani.
01/10/2005: A drawing depicting a reconstruction of Ani.
29/05/2005: A new page on the palace church inside Ani's citadel.
29/05/2005: The "child princes" church inside the citadel of Ani.
29/05/2005: A rewrite and more pictures for the Ani Kizkale page.
18/04/2005: A rewrite and more pictures for the Ani citadel page.
11/04/2005: The palace located inside the citadel of Ani.
28/02/2005: The site of the medieval city of Ketchivan or Ketchror.
21/01/2005: The monastery of Surp Grigor, on Varag mountain, Van.
15/12/2004: The six-apsed church within the citadel of Ani.
23/11/2004: A brief assault on King Ashot's wall.
17/11/2004: Rewrite & more pictures for the Minuchihr mosque page.
09/11/2004: Some panoramic views of Ani, taken from a helicopter.
26/10/2004: Old postcards of Ani, from the start of the 20th century.
14/10/2004: A look at the traditional houses within the city of Kars.
03/09/2004: The monastery on Arter island (Kuşadasi), Lake Van.
12/08/2004: A new section added: "Ani ephemera and memorabilia".
12/06/2004: Arshak Fetvadjian and some of his paintings of Ani.
08/05/2004: The large khatchkar gravestones at Por, near Bitlis.
29/04/2004: A partial rewrite for the "Ani: Recent History" page.
04/04/2004: An interactive map added for the "Beyond Ani" section.
24/03/2004: *** Today is the fifth birthday of this website! ***
24/03/2004: Sculpture on the Holy Cross church, Aghtamar Island.
12/03/2004: Luigi Villari's account of his visit to Ani in 1905.
25/02/2004: The destroyed churches at Varzahan, near Bayburt.
01/02/2004: The 13th century caravanserai of Zor, near Igdir.
29/01/2004: The visit to Ani in circa 1277 by Sawma and Markos.
09/01/2004: K. J. Basmadjian's lyrical 1904 account of a visit to Ani.
26/12/2003: Stamp marking the 1000th anniversary of Ani cathedral.
01/12/2003: A glossary of terms: Armenian art, architecture, history.
17/11/2003: Rewrite, and more pictures, for the page on Nikolai Marr.
11/11/2003: Nikolai Marr's account of his excavations at Ani in 1905.
10/10/2003: A fictional visit to Ani in Morier's 1834 novel "Ayesha".
01/10/2003: Monastery of the Miracles, near Adilcevas, Lake Van.
01/09/2003: The monastery of Arak'elots (Holy Apostles) near Mush.
14/06/2003: The traditional houses of Kayseri, and their destruction.
06/06/2003: The visit to Ani in 1951 by Lord Kinross (David Balfour).
06/06/2003: Baron Max von Thielmann's visit to Ani in 1872.
09/04/2003: Konstantin Paustovsky's visit to Ani in 1923.
03/04/2003: Kars - some buildings from the period of Russian rule.
22/01/2003: The church in Çengelli village, near Kagizman.
09/11/2002: The Ani church known as the "Georgian church".
07/10/2002: The church known as Kümbet Kilise, near Kars.
26/09/2002: "Ani" beer labels! Brewed in Yerevan, Armenia.
05/09/2002: A rewrite for the Church of the Apostles page.
26/08/2002: Engravings of Ani from "The Graphic", September 1885.
07/08/2002: The Church of the Shepherd, just outside the city walls.
27/04/2002: Charles Gordon ("Chinese Gordon") at Ani in 1857.
27/04/2002: Account of a visit to Ani by William of Rubruck in 1255.
27/04/2002: A rewrite for the Monastery of the Virgins page.
14/03/2002: The monastery of Varagavank or Yedikilise, near Van.
10/02/2002: Kurkdjian's stereo photographs of Ani from the 1870s.
24/12/2001: The stone quarry in Armenia, directly opposite Ani.
24/12/2001: Monastery of Saint George of Goms, beside Lake Van.
13/11/2001: Account of a visit to Ani in 1967, by John Marriner.
09/11/2001: A 3D study of the church of the Redeemer's interior.