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Apostles church
Bridge over the Akhurian river
The cathedral
The citadel hill
The citadel: the palace
The citadel: the palace church
The citadel: "child princes" church
The citadel: the hexagonal church
City walls: the Lion Gate
City walls: the Kars Gate
City walls: Chequerboard Gate
City walls: King Ashot's wall
City walls below the citadel
The fallen minaret
The fire temple
King Gagik's church (Gagikashen)
King Gagik's statue
The "Georgian church"
Church of Saint Gregory
Karmirvank, only 3.5km from Ani
Kizkale monastery
The "merchant's palace"
The mosque of Minuchihr
Church of the Redeemer
Church of the Shepherd
Church of Tigran Honents
The "underground city"
The virgins' convent


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Bagnayr monastery, near Ani
The church in Çengelli village
Gyumri: Surp Amenaprkich church
Horomos monastery near Ani
Kars: history and description
Kars: the Apostles church
Kars: the Kümbet Kilise church
Kars: Russian-period buildings
Kars: some traditional houses
Kars: old postcards & photographs
The medieval city of Ketchivan
Khtzkonk monastery, near Digor
Kizil Kilise church, near Ani
Magazberd castle
Marmashen monastery, Gyumri
The Mren cathedal, 34km from Ani
9th century church in Shirakawan
The church known as Taylar, near Ani
The Tekor basilica, Digor, near Ani
The fortress of Tignis, north of Ani
The Oğuzlu church, near Ani
The caravanserai of Zor, near Iğdir
The church in Zor village, near iğdir


Section Index
The early history of Ani
The rediscovery of the city
Nikolai Marr and his excavations
Marr's 1905 excavations at Ani
The recent history of Ani
The Turkish restorations
The stone quarry opposite Ani
Damage to Ani, 2006-2007
Damage to Ani, 2007-2008


Section Index
Abbot - in 1842
Basmadjian - in 1903
Gordon - in 1857
Gurdjieff - in the 1890s
Hamilton - in 1836
Ker Porter - in 1817
Kinross - in 1951
Lynch - in 1893
Marriner - in 1967
Paustovsky - in 1923
Sawma & Markos - circa 1277
Thielmann - in 1872
Ussher - in the 1860s
Villari - in 1905
Wilbraham - in 1837
William of Rubruck - in 1255


Section Index + Map
The Aght'amar church, Lake Van
Restoration of the Aght'amar church
Reopening of the Aght'amar church
Monastery of Aprank, near Erzincan
Monastery of Arak'elots, near Mush
Monastery of Ardzgue, Adilcevaz
Arter Island monastery, Lake Van
Church in Edremit (Artemid), Van
Village church in Gez, near Erzurum
Monastery of Saint George of Goms
Monastery of Surp Grigor, near Van
Karmrakvank monastery, Lake Van
Kayseri: some traditional houses
Kayseri: church of Saint Gregory
Kayseri: 1700 anniversary ceremony
Saint Marinos monastery, near Van
The khatchkars at Por, near Bitlis
Sivas: Surp Nishan & Surp Anapat
Churches in Tomarza, near Kayseri
Varagavank monastery, near Van
The Varzahan churches, Bayburt


Section Index
1901 plan of Ani by H.F.B. Lynch
1934 plan of Ani by Nikolai Marr
A birds-eye-view drawing of Ani
A drawing of a reconstruction of Ani
A modern map of the Kars region


Section index
Ani in Morier's 1834 novel "Ayesha"
19thC. Armenian poem about Ani
Some engravings of Ani from 1885
Kurkdjian's stereophotos of Ani
Aram Vruyr's stereophotos of Ani
Arshak Fetvadjian's paintings of Ani
Old picture postcards of Ani
Ani beer labels, from Armenia
Ani cigarettes, from Armenia
"Anium" (At Ani) by Artashes Vruyr
Ani cathedral anniversary stamp
2001 Paris exhibition on Ani
Admission tickets for Ani
Travel permit application to visit Ani


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Glossary of art terms
Views of Ani from a helicopter
Winter in eastern Turkey
Kossovo in 1999
Iğdir in 1919
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